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What statement do you want to make about your company?

We work closely with your team to make certain your new or existing building reflects your brand and operational goals. Our focus on quality and on-time performance are hallmarks of our family-owned company.

 We are versatile but have specialized experience in manufacturing, business, retail, multi-use and office projects.

Why a Licensed Contractor Matters
  • We offer all the services you need in order to successfully complete your construction project.
  • You can save considerable money and time by using our suppliers, we can get everything we need for the construction project.
  • As a licensed contractor, we meet state qualifications for quality of work and safety standards. Our workers undergo background checks and appropriate testing. 
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We love collaborating when you need a new building or want to renovate one. Our design services take your project needs and integrate it with your customized blueprint. You will know from the beginning how your building will look and function.

Over the years, we have cultivated relationships with engineers, architects and vendors that enable us to visualize and create a concept specifically designed for your needs.

We are creative in our approach, yet have an appreciation for traditional and historic designs. The look and feel of your project should say a lot about who you are and what you are trying to do.

Why Design Services Matter
  • It simplifies the construction project process with one-stop shopping.
  • You have a more practical and affordable approach to the project since we design with an eye toward construction costs.
  • You have continuity between designer and contractor, resulting in fewer change orders and potential errors.
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Navigating the complexities of a construction project can be challenging. You need more than building supplies and tools to make it happen.

We have decades of experience working with local planners, engineers and site contractors. We know the questions to ask and the permits to secure. We know how to comply with local zoning ordinances and land use plans.

We approach our development projects with an absolute commitment to environmental integrity.

Why Development Services Matter
  • Local planning and zoning ordinances change often, especially in a growing community. We know what is happening in your community.
  • We collaborate with banks and investors on the financial terms of a project.
  • We have connections to other partners who might be interested in working with you on developing your land or building.
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While owning a building has its benefits, leasing provides greater financial flexibility as your company evolves.

We have constructed and purchased properties that meet your space and location needs in Johnson County, Indiana. We also can customize your leased property.

Why Leasing Matters
  • Our tenants who prefer leasing find the arrangement to be less expensive, especially if the payments are tax-deductible.
  • At the end of your lease, you can either renew or let us provide a facility that meets your growth needs.
  • We accept the capital risk liability and take on the necessary building upgrades and repairs.
Bemis Group Indiana
Bemis Group Indiana

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